We are a company located in the most northern part of country Croatia, EU. Our name is KolaBot, derived from two Croatian words meaning: collaborative (hrv. kolaboracija) and robot (hrv. robot). That is our mission too, to make robots that can work alongside people, collaboratively, together, to further advance our human possibilities.

Currently we are focused on one product and that would be a robotic arm specifically designed to MIG weld for small scale manufacturing companies that have small to medium scale products that they make. Having such a tool for these companies is a game changer for how they make and think about products.

The company was founded on 03.12.2020 by Matija Golub. Before this, Matija was employed at Lamela company, which is still helping him with some tools and space, and in his free time he tinkered with all sorts of electronics and software projects. Lately he has been focused on the robotic arm and to secure the necessary funding and tools he founded this company.

KolaBot d.o.o.